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For the Economics Sector: A thriving humanity on a healthy planet, truly free to meet our own needs, to exchange voluntarily, to build prosperity, and to take care of each other and the environment without coercion or aggression.


The current economy has been taken over by a rigged system that benefits a few at the expense of most. Not only the U.S. but virtually the entire world economy is verging on free-fall collapse, taking the well-being and lives of billions down with it.


We have the power to change our economic system and allow it to work for everyone. There are well-developed and brilliant ideas for how to create truly thriving economies.

The Economics Sector is perhaps the most important one of all to transform because the way the money system works directly impacts each and every person’s job, home, family and community. Creating centralized banks, a system that requires debt and makes up money out of nothing, has allowed the international banking elite to gradually turn almost the entire world into a population of debt-slaves. Exposing and eliminating this system – and replacing it with an honest and open one - can provide the critical turning point toward creating a world where all can thrive.