• Construire

    Reviewing our legislation

    Non-degradation of the environment must become the foundation of our laws

  • Balance

    Finding the balance

    Revenues for everyone depend on consumption. Innovation must become compatible with sustainable development

  • Bio

    Biodegradable or recyclable

    Each product must be designed with materials that are biodegradable or recyclable to infinity.



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Burning a finger on a hot stove informs our future behavior.

Being told what to eat by our parents shapes our early diets.

Being abused triggers avoidance and kindness engenders trust.

"Each moment’s experience gives us feedback for adjusting the our lens on life. On a larger scale, however, our beliefs are predominantly determined by those who control our access to information (media) and our social structures, (including schools), because these institutions dictate what beliefs and behaviors are rewarded and which are punished. My research has convinced me that the prevailing worldview of the 21st century, in which war is considered a viable or necessary means of problem solving, that starvation is inevitable for some people on this planet, and that it is right for some people to tax and control others against their will, is the result of well-organized elite who own the systems through which information and values are disseminated." Foster Gamble

Way back people got their beliefs from tribal leaders, then “royal” rulers, feudal lords, the Church, then the “State” (government) and then the corporations that control them and now the major banks who control the corporations who are in this position.

At the top of that pyramid are a very few individuals, usually members of secret societies like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Round Table, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, The Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission and others. They use the media, education, pharmaceutical and military pyramids they control to shape our thinking, and therefore our behavior – ideally through subtle mind manipulation, but, if necessary, through coercion and violence.

It is vital to consider the motivation and funding sources of those who are shaping our worldview: news sources, role models, scientific and religious organizations, employers, schools etc.

Source: www.thrivemovement.com