• Construire

    Reviewing our legislation

    Non-degradation of the environment must become the foundation of our laws

  • Balance

    Finding the balance

    Revenues for everyone depend on consumption. Innovation must become compatible with sustainable development

  • Bio

    Biodegradable or recyclable

    Each product must be designed with materials that are biodegradable or recyclable to infinity.



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"My observation leads me to believe that human beings have an innate cost / benefit assessment tool operating all the time. Only when there is a sufficient combination of compelling evidence, emotional completion, and an adequate sense of future security do we let ourselves actually change our minds. And these have to outweigh the perceived cost of changing “who we thought we were.

I can’t overstate how thoroughly I see people identify themselves AS their belief systems. If someone thinks that what they have is who they are, and it goes away during a great depression, they might jump out a window. If they think they are their reputation and they have a setback or get slandered, they might decide life is not worth living. If they think they are their position in the power structure, and it is threatened, they might sell out their core values to keep their status. If they are scientists who have believed something all their lives and a more compelling argument or evidence challenges their theoretical foundation, they might become hostile or think they are going to die. This latter example I have witnessed first hand"
Foster Gamble

Our era is intensifying the almost daily choice for each of us – faced with a moment of unknowing, a new challenge, do I:
1) Try to look good, be “right” and keep my old self in tact, or do I...
2) Allow true curiosity, open my mind and heart and go for what’s true, and for being more alive and thriving?

"When an honest man discovers he is mistaken, He will either cease being mistaken, Or cease being honest." Anonymous