• Construire

    Reviewing our legislation

    Non-degradation of the environment must become the foundation of our laws

  • Balance

    Finding the balance

    Revenues for everyone depend on consumption. Innovation must become compatible with sustainable development

  • Bio

    Biodegradable or recyclable

    Each product must be designed with materials that are biodegradable or recyclable to infinity.



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New worldviews are struggling to be born that feel right with no reservation, and for which people can stand whole-heartedly.

Please explore the "Liberty" section of this site for a deeper exploration of core ethical principles that can be our compass at this critical fork in the road in human history.

"We know we are not wise with our power when the effects of our actions are the opposite of our intent...We are not just threatening to end western civilization, - but the whole Cenozoic period 65 million years of evolution.

Our sentience, our feelings of wonder and awe emerge out of the universe… These profound feelings are not just ours; they are the universe reflecting upon itself… To live is to enter this beauty, surrounded by enchantment, summoned by magnificence.

We need to remember the universe, to study the cosmic story, the Earth story, the human story, until we know it in its essential forms... to know the story of life includes eating natural foods; to know the story of human civilizations means feeling the profound intuitions they achieved; and to know the story of the universe means to allow the great numinous past to come alive in your present being

What we eventually discover in our passionate remembering of the galactic, terrestrial, biological and human stories is that a study of the universe is a study of self." Brian Swimme (www.journeyoftheuniverse.org)